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Weight Loss

  • Luxury Hotel
  • Historical and local landmark
  • Famous thermal water
  • Wellness and medical spa treatments

Paradis Plage

  • Morocco’s first eco-resort
  • Beachside location
  • Prime surfing hotspot
  • Extensive yoga and fitness programme
Intensive Fitness
from £450.00 pp
Yoga and Surf
from £595.00 pp

Palacio Estoril Golf & Wellness

  • Extensive wellness offering
  • Picturesque beach
  • Onsite golf course
  • State of the art gym
Banyan Pamper
from £687.00 pp
Banyan Tree Spa Retreat
from £980.00 pp
Beauty Booster
from £698.00 pp
from £2,091.00 pp
from £1,155.00 pp
from £852.00 pp
Golf and Spa
from £396.00 pp
Mountain Bike
from £576.00 pp
Nature Healing Hike
from £541.00 pp
Optimal Health
from £2,256.00 pp
Physical Rehabilitation
from £1,576.00 pp
from £687.00 pp
Renature Forest Therapy
from £566.00 pp
Sense of Rejuvenation
from £1,406.00 pp
from £2,171.00 pp
Surf and Relax
from £681.00 pp
from £1,628.00 pp
from £687.00 pp

Euphoria Retreat

  • Extensive wellness programme
  • Unparalleled health and fitness retreat
  • Traditional Chinese, Taoist and Greek medicines
  • Stunning landscape including private forest
Advanced Weight Management
from £1,115.00 pp
Balance & Recover
from £2,099.00 pp
Boost Your Energy
from £475.00 pp
from £1,149.00 pp
Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat
from £4,295.00 pp
Euphoria Couples Escape
from £750.00 pp
Euphoria Escape
from £750.00 pp
from £2,475.00 pp
Immunity Reset
from £5,395.00 pp
from £6,594.00 pp
Relax and De-stress
from £1,395.00 pp
from £1,425.00 pp
Self-Awareness Through The 5 Elements
from £995.00 pp
Spartan Spirit for Adventure Retreat
from £1,645.00 pp
Wellbeing Detox
from £1,115.00 pp
Yoga & Mindfulness
from £1,275.00 pp

Active Fitness

The Active Fitness programme integrates the best of indoor fitness workouts along with outdoor activities like personal fitness training, guided outdoor treks, yoga, aqua fitness and therapeutic spa experiences to enhance muscle tone & cardiovascular fitness. The comprehensive programme works on intensive core fitness, in addition to treks and full body therapeutic massages.

Absolute Sanctuary

  • Extensive range of wellness programmes
  • Comprehensive food menus
  • Sleep management programme
  • Female friendly
Anti Stress & Burnout
from £1,355.00 pp
Body Realignment
from £1,500.00 pp
Mind, Body & Fitness
from £1,295.00 pp
Immunity Booster
from £1,195.00 pp
Lifestyle Change
from £7,310.00 pp
Men’s Vitality
from £1,720.00 pp
from £1,440.00 pp
Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
from £1,369.00 pp
Rest & Balance
from £1,395.00 pp
Signature Detox
from £946.00 pp
Sleep Well
from £1,500.00 pp
from £855.00 pp
Weight Management
from £2,371.00 pp
Women’s Holistic Health
from £1,700.00 pp
from £1,255.00 pp