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Revitalise from Euphoria Retreat will nurture your inner sparkle and self-awareness while indulging in their signature treatments which include Chakra balancing, Reiki or their subtle Sanctuary for busy minds all help to harmonise your mind and emotions. Indulge in their natural healing experiences and inspirational wellness sessions and their unique and indeed beautiful combination of holistic […]

Relax and De-stress

Euphoria Retreat’s Relax and De-stress Programme seeks to help you step away from the rigorous pace of your life. The techniques used will help you feel renewed on every level and have been composed to help you relax your body and inspire your spirit. It uses a suite of treatments, including Reiki and Reflexology, alongside […]


A program focused on being in the present. Absolute Sanctuary’s therapists and wellness experts will guide you on a journey of being more present day-to-day in the things you do, say, eat, think, and enjoy! Ideal for those who are stressed and want to bring their focus inwards, reconnecting with themselves and those around them.

Destress & Relax

Poorly managed stress can have severe consequences on your health and may manifest physically, mentally, or emotionally. During your private consultation, we will focus on your current lifestyle and main stressors. Our health coach will further discuss your goals and recommendations, including practical tools and techniques, which will be offered to you as productive ways […]

Boost Your Energy

  • Rebalance your mind, body, and energy
  • Blends meditative practices and therapies
  • Aids the management of stress and anxiety
  • Calming and restful environment


Anti Stress

  • Luxury Hotel
  • Historical and local landmark
  • Famous thermal water
  • Wellness and medical spa treatments