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Wellbeing Detox

If you’re looking for a vitality boost, Euphoria Retreat’s Wellbeing Detox is the Programme for you. Their patented Euphoria 3GL Plus Nutritional Analysis and Assessment are used to identify a meal plan that can effectively cleanse your body and adjust your metabolism. It blend’s its unique nutritional approach with a broad mix of therapies to support […]

Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel

  • Luxury Hotel
  • Historical and local landmark
  • Famous thermal water
  • Wellness and medical spa treatments
Anti Stress
from £655.00 pp
from £951.00 pp
Thermal Classic Cure
from £589.00 pp
Weight Loss
from £1,096.00 pp

The Nai Harn

  • Wellness sanctuary
  • Extensive range of wellness treatments
  • Skilled and experienced therapists
  • Stunning beachfront location
Puriti Detox
from £600.00 pp

Spa & Detox

  • First-class fitness facilities
  • Raw food and juicing specialists
  • Spa & detox treatments
  • Custom-made Wellness Dome

Signature Detox

Absolute Sanctuary you gives the opportunity for a refreshed and “Absolute You” with access to its world-class signature detox programmes, delivered to you by expert therapists providing support throughout and experience best suited to your needs and with easy access to exquisite nutrition and engaging activities.

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts

  • Luxury resort
  • Varied wellness offering
  • Beautiful surrounding landscape
  • Nutritious gourmet restaurant


Destress & Relax
from £2,015.00 pp
Detox Weight Loss & Re-Shaping
from £2,675.00 pp
Immune Reset
from £1,995.00 pp
Longevity & Anti-Ageing
from £2,255.00 pp
Mindfulness & Emotional Balance
from £1,995.00 pp
Sleep Well
from £2,055.00 pp

Puriti Detox

Our Puriti Detox program encompasses a bespoke, plant-based vegan diet, a carefully planned exercise regime and a combination of holistic wellness practices including yoga and massages to create an integrated schedule of activities and therapies designed to target specific health issues and needs.

Physical Rehabilitation

The growing need for a better quality of life, and for a balance between body and mind, justifies the importance of integrated health monitoring. Palacio Estoril’s Wellness Center promotes specialized medical support, particularly assisting in Physical Rehabilitation and Prevention programs. Enjoy a Healthy stay at the award-winning Palácio Estoril Wellness Center.    

Palacio Estoril Golf & Wellness

  • Extensive wellness offering
  • Picturesque beach
  • Onsite golf course
  • State of the art gym
Banyan Pamper
from £687.00 pp
Banyan Tree Spa Retreat
from £980.00 pp
Beauty Booster
from £698.00 pp
from £2,091.00 pp
from £1,155.00 pp
from £852.00 pp
Golf and Spa
from £396.00 pp
Mountain Bike
from £576.00 pp
Nature Healing Hike
from £541.00 pp
Optimal Health
from £2,256.00 pp
Physical Rehabilitation
from £1,576.00 pp
from £687.00 pp
Renature Forest Therapy
from £566.00 pp
Sense of Rejuvenation
from £1,406.00 pp
from £2,171.00 pp
Surf and Relax
from £681.00 pp
from £1,628.00 pp
from £687.00 pp


Euphoria Retreat’s Signature Nutrigenomics Programme is more than a diet and nutrition Programme. The highly trained team at Euphoria utilise extensive medical testing measures, used in conjunction with a variety of treatments such as lymphatic drainage massages, exercise and nutritional support which includes personalised food therapy to positively influence your lifestyle and nutritional habits to achieve positive changes […]

Immunity Booster

Strengthen your body’s immune system with Absolute Sanctuary’s Holistic Immunity Booster Program. It is designed to help increase your antioxidants level while reducing your chronic stress which will result in, the strengthening of your body’s immune system and aid the prevention of diseases and inflections. Once the program commences you will be treated to a […]

Holistic Detox

Ananda’s Detox Starter for 5 nights is a perfect introduction to those who have not experienced an Ananda Detox before. Ananda’s comprehensive Detox Programmes for 7, 14 & 21 nights rest the digestive system through controlled eating of whole organic foods, improves the circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, filters toxins from the body […]

Euphoria Retreat

  • Extensive wellness programme
  • Unparalleled health and fitness retreat
  • Traditional Chinese, Taoist and Greek medicines
  • Stunning landscape including private forest
Advanced Weight Management
from £1,115.00 pp
Balance & Recover
from £2,099.00 pp
Boost Your Energy
from £475.00 pp
from £1,149.00 pp
Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat
from £4,295.00 pp
Euphoria Couples Escape
from £750.00 pp
Euphoria Escape
from £750.00 pp
from £2,475.00 pp
Immunity Reset
from £5,395.00 pp
from £6,594.00 pp
Relax and De-stress
from £1,395.00 pp
from £1,425.00 pp
Self-Awareness Through The 5 Elements
from £995.00 pp
Spartan Spirit for Adventure Retreat
from £1,645.00 pp
Wellbeing Detox
from £1,115.00 pp
Yoga & Mindfulness
from £1,275.00 pp

Detox Weight Loss & Re-Shaping

No matter how well we may eat, the truth is we’re all bombarded with different chemicals and toxins on a regular basis. “Toxins” can come in physical form, of course, but we can also consider certain mental and emotional states as “toxic” to the body and mind as well. For this reason, almost everyone can […]


Give your health and energy levels a beneficial boost with the help of our easily do-able-4-day detox. Developed with busy people in mind, it´s the perfect introduction to a healthier lifestyle. This full-board break begins with a personalized consultation with one of our expert nutritionists and continues with a variety of specialized treatments and gentle […]


Enjoy the ultimate in wellbeing, toning and energy. Often we forget to ‘clean’ our bodies as we do with our home, as toxins accumulate from pollution, improper diet and from the imbalances in our own bodies. Thermae Sylla offers a program of therapies based on its thermal water treatments, massages, proper diet and other natural […]

Absolute Sanctuary

  • Extensive range of wellness programmes
  • Comprehensive food menus
  • Sleep management programme
  • Female friendly
Anti Stress & Burnout
from £1,355.00 pp
Body Realignment
from £1,500.00 pp
Mind, Body & Fitness
from £1,295.00 pp
Immunity Booster
from £1,195.00 pp
Lifestyle Change
from £7,310.00 pp
Men’s Vitality
from £1,720.00 pp
from £1,440.00 pp
Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
from £1,369.00 pp
Rest & Balance
from £1,395.00 pp
Signature Detox
from £946.00 pp
Sleep Well
from £1,500.00 pp
from £855.00 pp
Weight Management
from £2,371.00 pp
Women’s Holistic Health
from £1,700.00 pp
from £1,255.00 pp