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Weight Management

The Weight Management Programme is a safe and effective way to lose weight. Ananda is the perfect haven to gain control over your body through Ayurvedic and Western treatments, detox therapies, exercise, yoga, diet and meditation. This programme aims to improve your metabolism and leaves you with a toned body and renewed vigour.

Spartan Spirit for Adventure Retreat

The Spartan Spirit for Adventure retreat is Euphoria’s fitness programme which allows participants to spend a week outdoors channelling your inner spartan warrior in the historic region of Sparta, in the style of our local warrior ancestors. During the retreat, you will venture out on daily excursions involving activities which take place in different locations, providing you […]

Paradis Plage

  • Morocco’s first eco-resort
  • Beachside location
  • Prime surfing hotspot
  • Extensive yoga and fitness programme
Intensive Fitness
from £450.00 pp
Yoga and Surf
from £595.00 pp

Palacio Estoril Golf & Wellness

  • Extensive wellness offering
  • Picturesque beach
  • Onsite golf course
  • State of the art gym
Banyan Pamper
from £687.00 pp
Banyan Tree Spa Retreat
from £980.00 pp
Beauty Booster
from £698.00 pp
from £2,091.00 pp
from £1,155.00 pp
from £852.00 pp
Golf and Spa
from £396.00 pp
Mountain Bike
from £576.00 pp
Nature Healing Hike
from £541.00 pp
Optimal Health
from £2,256.00 pp
Physical Rehabilitation
from £1,576.00 pp
from £687.00 pp
Renature Forest Therapy
from £566.00 pp
Sense of Rejuvenation
from £1,406.00 pp
from £2,171.00 pp
Surf and Relax
from £681.00 pp
from £1,628.00 pp
from £687.00 pp

Mind, Body & Fitness

Absolute Sanctuary’s cutting-edge fitness program can be tailored to meet your needs, incorporating activities and nutritional support which provide you with a 360-degree platform to bring your fitness to the next level. Taking a holistic approach to fitness, our programs provide a truly structured approach to fitness by combining the dynamism of group classes with […]

Men’s Vitality

The men’s vitality program caters to men who are looking to lose weight, get fit and de-stress through a dedicated program encompassing cleansing therapies, physical activity, nourishing foods, pampering treatments, and stress management sessions. Ideal for men who are stressed out, fatigued in need to lose weight and take charge of their health.

Intensive Fitness

Experience an array of exciting fitness activities in the warm climate of Morocco with Paradis Plage’s intensive fitness programme. From nature walks to boxing training, beachfront group yoga classes, TRX suspension training and much more provide you with a variety of options during your stay. With the addition of complimentary access to the outdoor and indoor […]


Work out the stress of your busy day with our exclusive Fitness Break programme. At the Palacio Estoril Wellness Center, you will find a 200m2fully equipped gym with the supervision of expert personal trainers, 2 different pools for hydro classes or just to relax and 4 studios with natural light offering a  wide variety of […]


Euphoria Retreat’s Fitness Programme takes a holistic approach,  by not just focusing on nutrition, but also on personal training and coaching to boost your fitness level. This is achieved by helping you build a solid foundation, that makes it simple for you to continue your physical, mental, and emotional balance once you leave us. Their personalised […]

Euphoria Retreat

  • Extensive wellness programme
  • Unparalleled health and fitness retreat
  • Traditional Chinese, Taoist and Greek medicines
  • Stunning landscape including private forest
Advanced Weight Management
from £1,115.00 pp
Balance & Recover
from £2,099.00 pp
Boost Your Energy
from £475.00 pp
from £1,149.00 pp
Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat
from £4,295.00 pp
Euphoria Couples Escape
from £750.00 pp
Euphoria Escape
from £750.00 pp
from £2,475.00 pp
Immunity Reset
from £5,395.00 pp
from £6,594.00 pp
Relax and De-stress
from £1,395.00 pp
from £1,425.00 pp
Self-Awareness Through The 5 Elements
from £995.00 pp
Spartan Spirit for Adventure Retreat
from £1,645.00 pp
Wellbeing Detox
from £1,115.00 pp
Yoga & Mindfulness
from £1,275.00 pp

Ananda in The Himalayas

  • Multi-time award winning spa
  • Comprehensive wellness experiences
  • located in the Himalayan foothills
  • Hiking and bird watching
Active Fitness
from £3,175.00 pp
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Immunity Booster
from £3,100.00 pp
Chronic Pain Management
from £3,395.00 pp
Dhyana Meditation
from £3,175.00 pp
Holistic Detox
from £3,175.00 pp
from £9,995.00 pp
from £3,175.00 pp
from £3,175.00 pp
Stress Management
from £3,175.00 pp
Weight Management
from £3,175.00 pp
from £3,175.00 pp
Yogic Detox
from £3,175.00 pp

Absolute Sanctuary

  • Extensive range of wellness programmes
  • Comprehensive food menus
  • Sleep management programme
  • Female friendly
Anti Stress & Burnout
from £1,355.00 pp
Body Realignment
from £1,500.00 pp
Mind, Body & Fitness
from £1,295.00 pp
Immunity Booster
from £1,195.00 pp
Lifestyle Change
from £7,310.00 pp
Men’s Vitality
from £1,720.00 pp
from £1,440.00 pp
Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
from £1,369.00 pp
Rest & Balance
from £1,395.00 pp
Signature Detox
from £946.00 pp
Sleep Well
from £1,500.00 pp
from £855.00 pp
Weight Management
from £2,371.00 pp
Women’s Holistic Health
from £1,700.00 pp
from £1,255.00 pp