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Spa Healing and Beautifying

Refresh your body, reduce wrinkles, and sparkle brighter. The Retreats Costa Rica’s luxury Spa Healing & Beautifying program is designed for the pampering you deserve. Reduce inflammation in the food, moving the body, and express fluid from the lymphatic system. The 8 days (7 nights) experience reduces inflammation, increases oxygen and blood flow, and relaxes […]


Seeing the skin as a reflection of your inner health, this immersion combines nutritional guidance with crafted body and face treatments to bring forth a new sense of confidence and radiance. By nurturing your Microbiome through personalised culinary sessions and specialised experiences, we help you restore your natural beauty and glow. The skin Immersion Programme […]

Self-Awareness Through The 5 Elements

Euphoria Retreat’s Self-Awareness Through The 5 Elements is a 2-day mini-retreat that gives you a taste of our core philosophy of joyful transformation through the theory of the 5 Elements, an ancient Chinese system for understanding nature and how it connects to us, as humans. The programme consists of two group workshops, where you will have fun […]

Mindfulness & Emotional Balance

Mental and emotional stability are essential cornerstones when it comes to health and wellness. REVĪVŌ’s Mindfulness & Emotional Balance Retreat is geared towards bringing awareness to the inner workings of the mind, finding stillness in chaos, and learning techniques to help you get off the rollercoaster of emotional turmoil. Our wellness coaches and therapists will […]


This immersion focuses on the development of mindfulness practices to cultivate awareness of feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and surroundings. Through a gentle, nurturing touch, JOALI BEING experts guide you through the process of constructing mindfulness to improve wellbeing, overcome stress, and maximise performance and productivity. Immerse in the present moment through grounding and restorative practices, sound […]

Immersive Wellness

Being cared for in an environment where you don’t have to think about anything is enough to be excited about this package.  It is also the best way for you to experience everything The Retreat has to offer, from the amazing food, the body movement classes, the crystal mountain hikes, the chef’s lessons, and of […]

Fitness Reboot and Fat Burning

Amplify physical strength and prepare your body for long-term fat burning with the 8 days (7 nights) Fitness Reboot program, which can ignite a more regular exercise routine and muscle gain. This is a jumpstart programme with quick results and a sustainable long-term plan. A globally recognized trainer will give you personal attention for postural […]

Explore the senses

Reconnecting with nature and all its glorious senses is a beautiful healing experience, where one discovers new vibrations and sensations throughout one’s energy field. Taste delicious and healthy cuisine while learning to prepare them.  Touch and experience the magnificent Crystal scrub and Vichy water treatment. Sight, beyond the colourful natural surroundings and wildlife, immerse in […]


Whether you are beginning a new fitness routine or are well-advanced in training, this immersion is designed to help achieve physical and mental wellbeing. Through intelligent movement analysis, creative exercise sessions, and energy balancing treatments, your mind-body connection will be strengthened, to build resilience and re-energise your whole being, for you to return with a newfound […]

Emotional Healing

Letting go and releasing the emotional traumas and stresses of life- recovering from difficult times and finding a renewed sense of life expansion and desire are cornerstones to longevity and happiness. This 6 days (5 nights) emotional healing experience realigns your chakras, opens your heart energies, reintroduces you to bio-available nutrition and helps to remove […]

Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat

The Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat is a very special programme, devised by Euphoria’s founder Maria Efraimoglou and will take you on a journey of emotional, physical and spiritual renewal. Your transformative experience will take place via a series of group sessions which consist of dialogue and embodied practices. You will also relish the exquisite solo treatments, […]


Guiding you on a woven path of wellbeing, this immersion discovery offers a curated selection of mind and body sessions, nutritional guidance, self-care practices and mindfulness rituals, that introduce and lay the foundation of the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING. This immersion is ideal for those who wish to experience the essence of JOALI BEING […]


The pace and demands of modern life can lead to stress overload. Nutritional choices suffer as we make decisions on the go. Dependence on caffeine and sugar accelerates. Sleep quality deteriorates and we are left tired, strung out and susceptible to any number of physical, psychological and emotional disorders. The good news is that Palácio Estoril […]

Boost Your Energy

  • Rebalance your mind, body, and energy
  • Blends meditative practices and therapies
  • Aids the management of stress and anxiety
  • Calming and restful environment


Anti Stress

  • Luxury Hotel
  • Historical and local landmark
  • Famous thermal water
  • Wellness and medical spa treatments