Aava Resort & Spa is the perfect place to align body and mind. Your senses will awaken while performing meditation, yoga, or one of the other wellness activities in a beautiful, natural environment. At their quiet, beachside location you will enjoy fresh ocean air and spectacular coastal scenery. Refresh your mind, reduce your stress, and renew your body with a variety of wellness activities that will help enhance your overall wellbeing. Improve your fitness with a session of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), increase muscle flexibility and blood flow with yoga and stretching, achieve the unique calmness of meditation or learn how easy it is to make delicious Thai food by attending a cooking class at Aalto Restaurant.

Programmes at Aava Resort & Spa

Healthy Lifestyle & Mindful Eating Retreat
From £675.00 pp
Mind, Body & Muay Thai
From £560.00 pp
Mind, Body & Yoga
From £560.00 pp
Ultimate Spa Retreat
From £620.00 pp