It’s in the title, as this is a truly comprehensive medical experience that rejuvenates, soothes and nourishes the body and mind. Beginning with personal consultations with expert doctors and clinicians to create a tailored programme that aims to benefit your body’s personal needs. This leads to a myriad of wellness procedures, from scientific mesotherapy to traditional Shirodhara, this truly is the solution to any bodily ailments

Our Programme

7 nights accommodation (alternative durations allowed)
Full Board
Return private limousine transfers (included, but optional)
Flights available on request


  • - 1 x Health and wellness consultation
  • - 1 x Aesthetic doctor consultation
  • - 1 x Anti-ageing doctor consultation
  • - 1 x Nutrition and dietetics consultation

  • - 1 x DNA scientific wellness screening
  • - 1 x Comprehensive blood test + urine test + stool test
  • - 1 x Physical movement assessment
  • - 1 x Body composition
  • - 1 x Fat elimination treatment: Vanquish
  • - 3 x Cellulite treatment
  • - 1 x Body contouring treatment
  • - 1 x Mesotherapy
  • - 1 x Cryo sauna
  • - 1 x Photo - light therapy (anti-ageing treatment)
  • - 1 x Hyperbaric chamber
  • - 1 x Weight loss injection
  • - 1 x IV infusion with weber laser therapy
  • - 1 x Colon hydrotherapy + probiotic replacement therapy
  • - 1 x 1-month body solution supplement
  • - 1 x RAKxa signature massage
  • - 1 x Traditional Thai reflexology massage
  • - 3 x Manual lymphatic drainage massage
  • - 1 x Pranic healing
  • - 1 x Shirodhara
  • - 1 x Recover touch facial
  • - 1 x Chi nei tsang
  • - 1 x Crystal healing
  • - Complimentary mini-bar in the villa
  • - Complimentary general physical examination
  • - Complimentary daily fitness and leisure activities
  • - Complimentary use of water therapy suite, including a vitality pool, steam, herbal steam, sauna, chill shower and cold plunge pool

Garden Villa

Your own personal slice of nature, the Garden Villa provides a private and personal natural haven that has a bedroom designed for deep slumber and rejuvenation. This villa also provides an adjoined living room with no shortage of space, a dining area, and en-suite bathroom and a personal terrace overlooking your own garden of Eden.

Garden Villa (80m² / 262ft²)

Pool Villa

This modern marvel has a philosophy of minimalism blended with nature’s stunning design. Surrounded by nature, with a lakefront view, these roomy villas have an adjoining lounge, dining area, en-suite bathroom, personal terrace and of course, a private swimming pool. 

Pool Villa (101m² / 331ft²) 


This is the epitome of opulence, revitalisation, and wellness. These residences hold numerous rooms and personal facilities. RAKxa’s wellness experts come to you, as you have your own treatment room, sauna, Yoga studio, decking, private swimming pool and extensive private tropical gardens. 

Yu Dee Residence/Mee Sook Residence (400m² / 1332ft²)