The pace and demands of modern life can lead to stress overload. Nutritional choices suffer as we make decisions on the go. Dependence on caffeine and sugar accelerates. Sleep quality deteriorates and we are left tired, strung out and susceptible to any number of physical, psychological and emotional disorders. The good news is that Palácio Estoril Wellness Center is here to help with a total programme of restorative treatments aimed at rebalancing your focus, your health and your life.



Our Programme

7 nights accommodation (alternative durations available)
Bed & Breakfast
Airport transfers (available on request)
Flights available on request
  • Personal wellness assistance:
    • Welcome session to detail the program & assist during the stay
  • 1x Biofeedback - Quantic Medicine initial consultation:
    • Quantic Medicine (Biofeedback System) relies on the most sophisticated and modern frequencial and electrical knowledge, which allows us to measure reactions of various body parameters as well as to stimulate their reactivity and functioning.
  • 1x Darkfield microscopy blood analysis:
    • This is an analysis of your body’s internal environment. A single drop of blood from your finger is able to provide a composite of over 25 aspects. Darkfield microscopy now allows us to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, and tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and conditions that favour arteriosclerosis.
  • 1x Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation:
    • The nutrition consultation will begin with a short assessment including body mass index, waist hip ratio and body fat percentage. The nutritionist also may ask you detailed questions to determine your current eating habits and give advice on how they can be improved. The aim of the program is to motivate you into improving your nutritional lifestyle, not just whilst you are with us, but when you return home as well.
  • 1x Integrative Stress Management Session:
    • Physical, emotional and psychological approach to the stress symptoms. Energetic healing, breathing and movement techniques.
  • 1x Watsu session:
    • Supported gently in warm (34 degree) water - Watsu (water shiatsu) takes your weightless body on a journey of total release and relaxation. As fluid movements, gentle stretches, rotations and acupressure are applied, joints and muscles let go of pain and tension. Seaweed-like moves release the spine and the mind quietens into a deep, almost meditative, state of relaxation.
  • 1x Energy & Meditation Hiking:
    • Immerse yourself in this  3hours guided experience in the Sintra mountain and discover the power of mother nature.
  • 1x Traditional Chinese Medicine Session:
    • Practitioners approach healthcare from a holistic standpoint, looking for the underlying imbalances and disharmonies behind any illness’ or conditions.
  • 1x BanyanTree Spa Signature Treatment Royal Banyan (150-min):
    • A well-loved treatment, Royal Banyan delivers the best of Eastern and Western massage techniques to improve blood circulation and ease muscle aches. Featuring a warm herbal pouch dipped in Sesame Oil, this signature treatment presents the quintessential Banyan Tree Spa experience like no other. Coriander Cucumber Cleanser ~ Royal Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage ~ Jade Face Massage ~ Therapeutic Herbal Bath.
  • 1x Banyan Tree Spa Sleep Essential Massage (60-min):
    • Banyan Tree Spa presents the ultimate spa experience with this simple but effective massage for your complete physical, mental and spiritual renewal.
  • 1x Vichy Shower Massage:
    • Enjoy the incredible feeling of receiving a revigorating and deep tissue massage under the soft and relaxing touch of warm showers over your body.
  • 1x Osteopathy session:
    • The manipulative holistic treatment is applied to remove blockages, restore mobility and rebalance the musculoskeletal and craniosacral systems.
  • 1x guided meditation private session OR Energy Healing session:
    • Meditation is a great way to get your inner peace and focus back.
  • One Chi-Kung (Qi Gong) OR Breathing private session:
    • The word Qi Gong is a combination of two ideas: "Qi" means air, breath of life, or vital energy of the body, and "gong" means the self-discipline skill of working, cultivating, and balancing Qi. The art of Qigong consists primarily of the use of intention, meditation, relaxation, physical movement or posture, mind-body integration, and breathing exercises.
Also included: - 
  • Six Healthy Lunches:
    • Lunch menu at the Organic Spa Caffè
  • Daily Fitness Group Class:
    • Your choice from our schedule (1 group class/day subject to availability)
  • Unlimited access to the Dynamic Pool:
    • HydroBanyan Circuit – Hammam, sauna, sensations showers, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, jets
  • Complimentary use of the Gym facilities:
    • With expert supervision of a qualified and talented personal trainer