Euphoria Retreat’s Self-Awareness Through The 5 Elements is a 2-day mini-retreat that gives you a taste of our core philosophy of joyful transformation through the theory of the 5 Elements, an ancient Chinese system for understanding nature and how it connects to us, as humans. The programme consists of two group workshops, where you will have fun relating the emotions that are attributed to each of the 5 Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal/ether, to your own emotions, as a way of understanding any blockages or repetitive behaviours you may currently find yourself experiencing.

Our Programme

2 nights accommodation (alternative durations available)
Bed & Breakfast
Airport transfers (available on request)
Flights available on request
  • 2x Emotional transformation and self-awareness - Group Session Through the 5 Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal/Ether (120 min)
  Also included: -
  • Outdoor-Indoor swimming Pool
  • Relaxation Area
  • Waterwell (Kneipp Therapy)
  • Tepidarium
  • Laconium Finnish Sauna
  • Experiential Showers
  • Herbal Steam bath
  • Cold Plunge Pool
  • Cold Ice Mist
  • Use of Gym