Discovered on Thailand’s Koh Samui Island, the award-winning Absolute Sanctuary is a truly sublime escape and comes well recommended for its holistic fitness and weight loss opportunities. The hillside location delivers you to another world among inspired Moroccan architecture. The Absolute Sanctuary is frequently attributed to excellence and provides all the comfort and access you could require for the perfect wellness experience, offering diverse programmes and therapies with featured facilities including its dedicated fitness centre, yoga studios, the infinity edge pool, hydrotherapy rooms, sauna and herbal steam rooms.


Programmes at Absolute Sanctuary

Anti Stress & Burnout
From £1,355.00 pp
Body Realignment
From £1,500.00 pp
Mind, Body & Fitness
From £1,295.00 pp
Immunity Booster
From £1,195.00 pp
Lifestyle Change
From £7,310.00 pp
Men’s Vitality
From £1,720.00 pp
From £1,440.00 pp
Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
From £1,369.00 pp
Rest & Balance
From £1,395.00 pp
Signature Detox
From £946.00 pp
Sleep Well
From £1,500.00 pp
From £855.00 pp
Weight Management
From £2,371.00 pp
Women’s Holistic Health
From £1,700.00 pp
From £1,255.00 pp